About the campaign

When it comes to holidays, 4/20 is unique – a rare celebration whose origins are as smoke-clouded as its practice. Initially, 4/20 merged civil disobedience with celebration, as cannabis advocates and enthusiasts blew literal smoke in the face of stigma and prohibition – and had a lot of fun doing so.

Today, as stigma around cannabis lifts and Canada prepares for full-scale legalization, 4/20 faces its next big moment, moving from a countercultural phenomenon to an open party.

But for cannabis to truly take its rightful place in mainstream society, cannabis advocates and enthusiasts must lead by example, encouraging safe and responsible consumption.

We also know that good habits stick when they’re easy to implement. That’s why we’re handing out 2,000 TTC tokens at Toronto’s 4/20 celebration in Dundas Square, encouraging revelers to get home safely by public transportation.

Whether you’re celebrating with us in Toronto or elsewhere, please consume responsibly and plan for a safe ride home.

-Your friends at Lift

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